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Mission Statement

Our mission

Empower individuals to share their expertise and creativity with the world.

Our platform

Wikifab is a wiki-based site that teaches people how to make almost anything. The platform documents instructions for simple and technical projects. You can create new tutorials for projects or make edits to current projects to enhance them. The platform is powerful, flexible and intuitive so that you can focus on building your project and exploring other exciting projects.

Key features

Tracking the history of tutorials allows for effective collaboration. We are currently building the capability for users to propose or experiment with alternative tutorials that don't alter the original.

Open source model

We believe in transparency. Our combined abilities make our projects more effective and more resilient. Anyone can freely download the Wikifab software, install it on their own server or improve it themselves. Wikifab will never claim ownership of the content our users create.

Wikifab’s source code

Wikifab is made of multiple extensions for Mediawiki. The code and the documentation to install your own Wikifab instance can be found here.

License of the code: The source code of Mediawiki itself is released under the GNU General Public License. The new extensions that we have developed are released under the MIT license and the modifications that we have made of existing extensions are released under the same license than it was originally (generally GNU).